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Christine Van Meter - Van Meter & Van Meter LLC, Little Falls, NY.

Parhedros Corporation is a small, privately-held software company located in Little Falls, New York. We design and publish software for two primary markets:

button We develop and publish gamefied software applications and customized content to support marketing and branding efforts of firms in a variety of end-user markets, to include financial services, wealth management, tax and accounting, and allied services.

button We create original computer games and simulations for niche markets, focusing on innovative play mechanisms and interfaces, and on unusual content.

The world always changes. So too does Parhedros. From our 1980's roots in numismatic reference book publishing, through our incarnation as a niche entertainment software developer, to our current mission as a developer of marketing-oriented SaaS web applications, we have always sought to merge form and content in the most accessible manners permitted by current technology and adoption patterns.

Our team brings with it a rich base of practical and academic experience in technology, finance, accounting, management and education, giving us a unique background upon which to build exciting and relevant solutions for today's digitally savvy consumers.

David Van Meter, M.S.Acc., Ph.D.

David Van Meter - Van Meter & Van Meter LLC, Little Falls, NY.

After growing up in Las Vegas, David served his country as an Army intelligence officer with the 101st Airborne Division, and then earned a M.S. in Accountancy from SUNY-IT and a Ph.D. in History from Boston University while choosing to settle in Little Falls, New York, to raise his six children in a friendly, small town environment. As an entrepreneur who founded Laurion Publishing in 1989, David brings to the company a broad base of experience in developing reference books and educational and entertainment software for niche markets. He also currently serves as a partner in Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC

David believes strongly in community development, and at one point he took several years off to serve as a VISTA Volunteer in the inner city of Utica where he helped found a hospice for terminally-ill AIDS victims. Lately his community involvement has been much less dramatic, ranging from helping run the Little League concessions to teaching Sunday School, and he has served on numerous civic, faith-based and municipal boards to include the Abraham House, the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts and the City of Little Falls Planning Board. Dave's hobbies include running (he ran his first Boilermaker 15K race in 2010) and bicycling, weight-lifting, and classic role-playing and strategy games. View David's Resume.

Christine Van Meter, M.B.A.

Christine Van Meter - Van Meter & Van Meter LLC, Little Falls, NY.

As a former Army paratrooper with a M.B.A. from Boston University, and with nearly three decades in the financial services and banking industry, Christine brings to Parhedros a wealth of experience in operations management, financial advisory services, and sales. Even though she grew up on a beef farm in Upstate New York, Christine began her financial industry career in Boston at the Bank of New England in 1988 before relocating back to Central New York in 1994, where she worked with Fleet National Bank, the Herkimer County Trust, Savings Bank of Utica and Partners Trust in capacities ranging from operations to branch manager to investment representative. In 2007 she formed Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC as an independent financial advisor.

Christine is actively involved in the community: she serves in the Little Falls Rotary Club, she is the organizer of the annual Christmas in Little Falls festival, a founding member of both Main Street First and the Think Local Little Falls Committee, and the organizer of the Little Falls Community Garden. She supports her children in sports, and has coached numerous community soccer teams and softball teams. Christine also enjoys bicycling and running, and she completed her first Boilermaker 15K Road Race in 2010. View Christine's Resume.

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We at Parhedros Corporation believe strongly in giving back to the community, and we encourage our team to participate in local community activities through volunteerism and other means of engagement. We also understand that small community-based organizations are usually focused nearly exclusively on their mission, sometimes to the detriment of certain communications and marketing efforts that larger enterprises take almost for granted. As a result, on a very selective basis we offer pro bono digital communications consulting and support to nonprofit organizations and community groups in the greater Little Falls, New York area.

Currently, we are helping several community organizations redesign their websites to support a simple, fire-and-forget, mobile-first approach to digitally communicating with their supporters. We also provide normal website design, hosting and content, again on a very selective basis. If you run a Little Falls nonprofit or community group and you think we can help you, give us a call! - Being Smart Made Easy. - Live Local, Live Better.