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Level-Up Your Digital Branding

Parhedros offers customized digital branding and marketing solutions to practitioners in the independent financial services channels. We are passionate about rethinking the way accountants, tax-professionals, financial advisors and wealth managers connect with their clients in an increasingly digital world.

We come to our passion for technology-based branding innovation through first-hand experience, as our leadership team found that the traditional marketing tools and methods for growing their own financial services business and meeting the needs of their clients were increasingly irrelevant in an increasingly digitalized world.

Contact us to learn more about our customized programs designed to help you better plan your marketing efforts to reach today's increasingly digitally savvy, solutions-oriented consumers. Let us show you how to diversify your branding efforts and reach more of the potential customers who most need your professional services! - Live Local, Live Better.

The essence of branding entails creating meaningful connections with audiences by tapping into both emotional and rational perceptions. But in the financial services industry, the commodity-like features of most financial products complicate the task of building a distinctive and valuable brand. But even in this crowded space, exciting opportunities are emerging for small firms to use emergent digital tools and practices to stand out from the crowd in a meaningful and profitable manner.

At Parhedros we understand that a dynamic identity and clear branding provides the strategic framework to convey a unique vision, and successful branding differentiates your organization from its competitors and serves as a foundation for communicating across a range of formats. Our financial services and accounting web applications provide you with a unique and powerful way to reach new prospects by delivering a customizable, targeted and powerful message that cuts through the clutter and resonates with an audience that you most seek to reach.

Consumers are spending less time browsing the web for information, and more time on applications that provide them with the answers they need in real time. Innovative, task-oriented software applications thus represent an opportunity to extend service branding efforts in a sophisticated, broadly reaching manner.

Just as a task-oriented software application serves as an interface between consumers and the solution to a specific task, such as solving an accounting or financial problem, it also represents a potential interface between those consumers and expert advice that lies beyond the completion of the immediate task. Meaningful and fun applications drive on-going customer engagement, and thus they continue to work for you even after you have converted a prospect into a client.

Parhedros builds cloud-based software applications that drive revenue by aligning digital marketing strategies with best business practices, compliance requirements, and the math behind securities valuations, risk management, and portfolio management.

In addition to our revolutionary software applications, Parhedros also develops customized media and marketing content to supplement digital and print communications strategies between financial advisors and their clients. This content is topical and timely, response-oriented, supported by collaterals, and designed to increase client engagement. Our content combines deep subject matter expertise in educational financial content with pleasing graphical design, and above all a lucid and empathetic writing style, in order to create distinctive marketing communications that clearly convey your firm's brand identity and value proposition.

You can use our content and collaterals in a targeted way to reach clients through direct marketing or newsletters, social media, or you can post the content on your website as a value-added resource. - Being Smart Made Easy. - Live Local, Live Better.