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Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir

What Ancient Evil Lurks in the Halls of the Iron Lords?

New! Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir is an old-school, dungeon-crawling, fantasy role-playing adventure, packed full of action, magic and mayhem. Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir - A 3D fantasy role-playing game featuring intense tactical combat, summoning exotic faerie familiars, and realistic NPCs! Play as exciting character races, such as fun-loving Satyrs and Glaistigs, rugged Centaurs and cunning Spider-Folk, and even as the exotic Valkyrja and the stalwart successors of the Dwarves. Solve the ancient mysteries of the Spider-Demon and the Valkyrja Guardians to survive the forgotten tunnels of the Iron Lords!

Are you cunning enough to outmaneuver and defeat the hordes of deadly foes who will challenge you in fast-paced, turn-based tactical battles? Can you learn the secrets that will enable you to cast powerful spells and summon an army of loyal Familiar Spirits? How will you deal with the characters you meet along the way: will you become friends or foes, or perhaps even lovers?

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Softlist 5 Star Award Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir Parhedros

Game Features:

Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir is an innovative fantasy role-playing game of deep exploration, rich tactical combat, complex NPCs with highly realistic AI personalities, and deviously fun (and entirely optional) puzzles!

Screenshots from Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir:
Enter the dungeon The main menu Casting a spell
A Centauress in the dungeon A Valkyrja rests A Centauress casts a sorcery spell
Rolling a character Meeting Emergainne An encounter
Rolling a fantasy role-playing character A centauress chats with a non-player character A druidess a centauress!
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The Story:

Far, far away, in the fabled land of Ephronnia a beautiful Fairy Queen rules over an enchanted kingdom. It is a time of peace and plenty, a time of wondrous magic and heroic deeds.

But now intrigue is afoot! Recently a rumor has spread that a magnificent treasure was glimpsed deep in the innermost chambers of the Tunnels of Sethir, a haunted, nearly-forgotten fortress built long ago by the Iron Lords. Those well-versed in the lore of the land speculate that this treasure may be nothing less than an exceedingly powerful artifact of the gods, which a Valkyrja princess carelessly lost during an ancient war against the King of the Spider-Demons.

Now it seems that all of the rulers and potentates throughout Ephronnia and the surrounding lands have taken a remarkable and personal interest in this treasure. In the inns and taverns you hear gossip of expeditions being secretly organized to explore the Tunnels of Sethir. Before long, you find yourself among the number of brave adventurers converging on the ancient dungeon! The race to claim the mysterious treasure is on!

But as you journey towards the Tunnels of Sethir, you ask yourself why this treasure is suddenly so important to so many wealthy and powerful people? Your very survival may depend on the answer to this question! Will you become a pawn in a power struggle that you donít fully understand? Or will your rendezvous with destiny lead you down another path?

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: 32-Bit Windows, XP or better.
CPU: Intel Pentium III 933 MHz processor or better.
Memory: 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended).
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or better.
Hard Drive: 1GB free disk space.
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible.
Video Card: 3D hardware accelerator card required; DirectX 9.0 compatible.
Input: Keyboard and mouse.

Extras and Freebies:

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