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Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir

We distribute Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir as shareware. This means you get to try the game, and know for certain that you enjoy it, before you have to spend a dime! But, of course, to play the whole game ... and defeat the awesome bosses and solve all the mysteries ... you'll need to register.

Registering your game of Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir is easy, inexpensive, and convenient. To register your game on-line using your credit card, please make sure you have your Authorization Request Number handy. You can get your Authorization Request Number by starting your game and pressing the Register Now button. Once you're ready to Register, just press the Buy Now button, below!

Credit Card Payments

For your convenience and protection, we accept credit card orders through PayPal. PayPal is quick, easy, extremely secure, and there are no fees for the buyer. You don't even need a PayPal account to pay by credit card through PayPal. To pay via credit card or PayPal, just click the Buy Now button, above!

Checks or Money-Orders

If you prefer not to pay via credit card or PayPal, you may mail your order with payment (personal check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds) directly to:

Don't forget to include your Authorization Request Number with your order!

For your convenience, if you choose to register your copy of Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir by mail, you may print this ready made and easy to use Order Form to fill in. Don't forget to print your Order Form today!

The safer, easier way to pay.